Space Dictator
Space dictator
Some attributes
Gender Male
Race Humanoid
Hair Color Dark Brown

First appearance Pilot
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Status Possibly Living

Other attributes
Family His Daughters
Weapons Sword

It is a secondary character who first appears in the pilot episode.In his Jay and Hamilton mission needed to seek and save daughters wings captive of the evil dictator, in his great ship gained access, but later discovered dictator Jay having sex with their daughters, seeing that challenges him to a duel to the death the dojo, in the battle to distract the dictator, Jay manages to cut his arm and escapes along with Hamilton and daughters.


  • Its appearance is somewhat similar of Ned Flanders from The Simpsons character.
  • This Dictator also resembles Joseph Stalin, the Georgian dictator that ruled the Soviet Union from 1922-1953, infamous for his supreme cruelty, killing more than 50 millions people during his reign, but considered a hero by some due to the fact that he defeated Hitler and Mussolini during WWII.