Captain brown
Some attributes
Gender Male
Race Alien
Hair Color Green

First appearance Galactic Bonesmen Part 1
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Status Deceased

Other attributes
Weapons Gun

It is a minor character who appears in the episode Galactic Bonesmen Part 1. Whom was relieved to co-captain in ocg1 ship, so he was a member of the galactic society, Jay  desperate try to ask where this Hamilton, so Jay Did call the Galactic Bonesmen to know where your friend, but only if it brings may call 3 women, when it was time to get wing Zegama Beach, Fabian attempted drugging a pill Jay, Jay was in high streets and clueless, Hamilton jurisdiction rescuing ship by Fabian wing, trying to kill Jay Fabian was about to shoot him, but was stopped by Hamilton and his head was thrown clear by Jay.