Galactic Bonesmen Leader
Some attributes
Gender Male
Race Alien
Hair Color Bald

First appearance Galactic Bonesmen Part 1
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Status Deceased

Other attributes

It is a secondary character who first appears in episode Galactic Bonesmen Part 1, where Jay was invited to crew on LSG1 ship, arriving Jay talked to all members of galactic society, the end of the talk one of the miebros would invite Jay on a tour of the ship, after that the leader of the company appoint Jay as member number 169, but could not return without getting 3 girls to take them to ship the galactic society, Jay to return to his ship saw Hamilton was gone and that his position was occupied by an alien pathetic hired by them, after Jay, Hamilton and 2 twins slip through Zegama Beach, is inflitraron in LSG1 ship to will find the mind control device, Jay to destroy auto destroyed the ship killing everyone in it.