Some attributes
Gender Male
Race Koala
Hair Color Grey

First appearance Pilot
Relationships Unknown
Status Living

Other attributes
Voice Jeff Lauldi
Weapons Laser Gun

He is one of the protagonists of the series Deep Space 69 by Mondo Mini Shows. He is Jay's co-captain and best friend.

Personality Edit

In many ways, Hamilton appears to be Jay's complete opposite. Unlike Jay, Hamilton seems to take his job far more seriously, often fretting over the ship's resources and the success of the team's missions. As a result, Hamilton often comes across as insecure and naggy, and finds himself at odds with Jay's blatant disregard for caution or safety. Despite this, Hamilton is steadfastly loyal towards Jay, and has on a few occasions demonstrated a bit of a wild side, although his experience with women is far more limited.

Hamilton is one of the last surviving members of his race due to an invasion on his home planet, and is frequently concerned that his race might very well go extinct. He holds a grudge against members of the Panda race, as the invasion was led by one of their leaders.


Hamilton originally met Jay in Space Academy as an exchange student, and the two quickly became friends. Upon learning via the news that his home planet was under attack, the two friends hijacked a spaceship to reach Hamilton's planet. Unfortunately, Hamilton's family perished in the attack.


Hamilton resembles a gray-furred humanoid with the head of a koala. He wears an aqua shirt and dark pants similar to Jay's.

Abilities Edit

Hamilton appears to have some technical abilities, as he's responsible for most of the ship's maintenance. Although Hamilton tends to stay out of combat scenarios, he demonstrated usage of retractable claws in his front paws.

Contrary to Jay, he has very little endurance in bed.


  • The character is based on Kif Kroker from Futurama and Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Rule 35 is a fight to the death, Dumbass!