Some attributes
Gender Asexual
Race Dog (normal)

Humanoid (second form)

Monster (probabbly true form)

Hair Color Light Brown skin

First appearance Herman
Relationships Jay (ex-lover)
Status Deceased

Other attributes

It is a minor character who appears in the episode of the same name. Jay and Hamilton after finishing his mission in a Asexual planet, Hamilton rescued a baby puppy that was about to be devoured by an eagle space, call to adopt Herman, Jay although he warned that it would transform into a monster, spending a week Jay wanted to have a relationship with an alien girlfriend though that was frustrated because he had done herman is poo on the carpet, Jay and Hamilton internarian what a special kennel, to spend the night saw herman Jay would become a naked girl , after having sex would become a voracious monster, eventually abandoning it got rid of the space, so a tentacle He maintained the side of Hamilton, after Jay's penis to be powerful but this managed to destroy the tentacle.