Some attributes
Gender Male
Race Alien
Hair Color Yellow skin

First appearance The Sirens of Tetons
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Status Deceased

Other attributes
Weapons Gun

It is a minor character who first appeared in the episode The Sirens of Tetons. was a space wanderer who was hiding in a cave, when Jay and Hamilton came to your planet, warned them to be careful with sirens when Jay had a relationship with one of the sirens, Hamilton and Larry repairing the ship, at the end Larry wanted to kill Jay Hamilton even become a murderer dog to bleed it.


in episode Jungle Moppits. when Jay and Hamilton were lost in a green planet, it had realized that Larry had survived and that OCG1 ship robbery, then reappears in the Vega 5 episode for which was in one of the hotels located in Las Vegas in the end dies after falling from the hotel building.