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Pilot is the pilot episode of Deep Space 69, and the first episode of Season 1.


Jay and Hamilton receive a mission: to escort the five sexy daughters of an evil space dictator to safety while he is indicted for war crimes. Jay is thrilled at the prospects of sex, but Hamilton reminds him that the ruthless dictator would have Jay killed if he tries anything funny. In spite of this, Jay proceeds to have an orgy and is discovered by the dictator. In his defense, Jay invokes "Space Rule 35", which Hamilton explains to be a fight to the death. Jay realizes that he invoked the wrong rule but it's too late.

In the dictator's dojo, Jay is forced to fight the dictator in a battle of swords, while being distracted by the dictator's man-boobs. Jay is given a pitifully short sword compared to the dictator and fares badly, until both combatants notice Hamilton getting chummy with one of the dictator's daughters. The dictator is angered at this, and is distracted enough for Jay to slice off his sword arm before fleeing.

Jay and Hamilton manage to escape the dictator's army chasing after them and flee. In addition, Jay is pleasantly surprised to see that they inadvertently picked up two of the dictator's daughters for another round of fun, and shares a fist bump with Hamilton.



Deep Space 69 - Pilot (Ep 1)

Deep Space 69 - Pilot (Ep 1)

Memorable QuotesEdit

(Puts hands to Chin) So i should Wait till he's in jail to bone the Daughters.. Perfect.


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Rule 35 is a fight to the death, Dumbass!


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