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  • Hamilton's appearance can that is based on the character Cuddles Doug from television series Ugly Americans.
  • Animations and shapes of the characters designs with their faces and bodies can who are based in the Lego´s and the television series created by Pendleton Ward Adventure Time.
  • Apparently the futuristic atmosphere with many events and characters may also are based on series and movies like Star Wars, Bravest Warriors, Star Trek and Predator Series.
  • In the Pilot episode of the dictator's daughters are very similar of Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time from television series.
  • Hamilton's personality is a bit concerning wing Mr. Spock from Star Trek and wing Kiff Kroker of Futurama series.
  • the character and personality of Jay is very similar wing Zapp Brannigan from Futurama and Wing Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek Series.
  • Galactic Bonesmen in episode Part 2 appears headed cloud  humanoid as it is very similar of the  Lumpy Space Princess from television series Adventure Time.

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