• No Vandal Pages
  • No Fanon Content on official Articles, your own Userpage is fine
  • Make sure you edit at least 5 Articles,when you spend your time here. Don`t spam up Userpage Edits.
  • No Necroposting---which is commenting on old Threads/Blogs in hopes you will increase your edit count
  • No Minimodding. Do not try to act like an Admin, more importantly---do not boss Admins around.
  • Do not use this Wiki as a Battleground to harass Admins from other Wiki`s.
  • No sockpuppeting. Which is when you own more than 1 Account,in hopes you`ll bypass a Block. There are exceptions to this. Admins can make their own to test their new features,but cannot mess around with them.
  • No roleplaying,it deters people from actually editing Articles. To make this Rule easier to enforce, do not have your Username as "Jay the Captain" or "Hamilton" If you do this,make sure it`s a fuse of two Names. Example:Jayhamilton69